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Sparkle Gold

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"shining shimmering splendid and glowing.. full of glitter gold"

Sparkle Gold, Luxury dress for kids
Dress panjang selutut, tidak berlengan.
Terdapat detail mutiara dan brokat gold di sekelilingnya
Pita panjang yang menjuntai dari bahu menambah kesan glamour dress ini

Terinspirasi dari  kerlap-kerlip pohon natal putih yang di hiasi bola-bola emas di sekelilingnya 

Let's check the Size Chart, which size best suits for you.

Size Chest  Waist Lenght Age
XXS cm - cm 2-3 Years old
XS cm - cm 4-5 Years old
S cm - cm 6-7 Years old
M 69cm - 66.5cm 8-8 Years old
L 71cm - 73cm 10-11 Years old
XL 75cm - 76.5cm 12-13 Years old
XXL  cm - 78cm 13 Years up