Junonia Pants

Little Glam
IDR 125,000.00
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Junonia Pants 18 18

Celana panjang garis-garis, putih-coklat

  • berbahan nyaman dikulit
  • Ban pinggang karet, dan tali, sehingga bisa disesuaikan
  • panjang hingga diatas mata kaki

Let's check the Size Chart, which size best suits for you.

Size Pack:

Size Waist Lenght Age
XXS 58cm 52,5cm 1,5-2 Years old
XS 64cm 57,2cm 3-4 Years old
S 66cm 65cm 5-6 Years old
M 70cm 72cm 7-8 Years old
L 74cm 76,5cm 9-10 Years old
XL 78cm 80cm 11-12 Years old
XXL 82cm 85,5cm 12 Years old up

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