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Jolie Set

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Size Chest  Hand Lenght Lenght Age
XXS 68cm 24cm 29cm 1,5-2 Years old
XS 71cm 26cm 32cm 3-4 Years old
S 74cm 28cm 34cm 5-6 Years old
M 76cm 30cm 37cm 7-8 Years old
L 78cm 32cm 39cm 9-10 Years old
XL 80cm 34cm 42cm 11-12 Years old
XXL  82cm 36cm 44cm 12 Years up

Size Waist Lenght Age
XXS 54cm 22cm 1,5-2 Years old
XS 56cm 24cm 3-4 Years old
S 58cm 26cm 5-6 Years old
M 60cm 28cm 7-8 Years old
L 62cm 30cm 9-10 Years old
XL 65cm 32cm 11-12 Years old
XXL  69cm 34cm 12 Years up