Asoka Dress

Little Glam
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Asoka Dress 25 25
Chinese fashion kids style 

Dress merah dengan detail brokat pada bagian bodynya
dan rok tile tumpuk dibagian bawahnya.

Let's check the Size Chart, which size best suits for you.

Size Chest  Hips Lenght Age
XXS 57cm 61cm 53cm 2-3 Years old
XS 61cm 66cm 56cm 4-5 Years old
S 64cm 72cm 59cm 6-7 Years old
M 66cm 74cm 61cm 8-9 Years old
L 70cm 76cm 69cm 10-11 Years old
XL 80cm 88cm 76cm 12-13 Years old
XXL  82cm 91cm 80cm 13 Years up

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