Amaryllis Set

Little Glam
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Amaryllis Set 38 38


satu set,  tutu skirt dan top brokat 

  • berbahan tafeta dan brokat
  • Ban pinggang karet, sehingga bisa disesuaikan
  • warna merah dengan kombinasi coklat muda 

Let's check the Size Chart, which size best suits for you.

Top Size Detail

Size Chest  Lenght Age
XXS 60cm 32cm 2-3 Years old
XS 64cm 34cm 4-5 Years old


68cm 36cm 6-7 Years old
M 72cm 38cm 8-9 Years old
L 76cm 40cm 10-11 Years old

Skirt Size Detail

Size Waist Lenght Age
XXS 42cm 31cm 2-3 Years old
XS 46cm 33cm 4-5 Years old
S 52cm 35cm 6-7 Years old
M 56cm 37cm 8-9 Years old
L 60cm 39cm 10-11 Years old
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